"You are only limited in what you can do By the limitations of your own mind"

"Outstanding preparation and highly motivating presentation."
Department of Education and Training - M Sinclair, Principal


"Your presentation captivated the audience from the word go. Entertaining and thought provoking, the feedback was exceptional and I can't wait to hear you speak again in May."

CPA Australia, H Jeptha - Events Manager

"Blake has now presented all the Get Active Events across Australia for the past 5 years. He is an awesome link presenter who is both professional and easy to work with. We look forward to working with Blake for many more years to come."

Fitness First - B Green, National Events & Community Relations Manager

"Your 5 speeches were absolutely brilliant. You have amazing energyand passion for what you do, and everyone gained great value from your talks. I look forward to you speaking at our conference in Philadelphia later this year. Thank you so very much!!"

Delphi Corp - S. Miller, Regional Human Resources Manager

"Blake managed to transfix an entire audience. His energy and commitment to growth is infectious. In just one hour it was evident Blake had made a life changing impact on participants."

Sky News - J Tynan, Presenter & Author

"Blake has worked with us in a variety of capacities over the last few years. I have used other presenters before, and to be quite honest, none come close to Blake's ability to connect with the audience and affect positive change. His work is exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending him."

The Finishing Image - J Brown, Director

"Blake is the most accomplished presenter I have ever seen."

OCTEC - T Conron, Community Work Co-ordinator

"I have been involved in nearly 2000 conferences, seminars, and workshops. I was so impressed with your hosting skills as well as your lead-ins for the speakers, which enabled them to open from such a high point. You connected with the audience and speakers alike, be it from the podium or from the floor, on camera or in interview mode, not only relaxing the speakers but helping lift them into their delivery. Thank you for your valuable contribution and I look forward to working with you again."

M Heath, Director Communique Australasia (Sydney, Auckland)

"Blake's performance was exemplary. He is a great presenter."

National Speakers Association of Australia (NSAA) - NSW President (2007), I Deeble

"Best opening by an emcee I have ever seen."

Chris Helder Companies - Executive Director, Author & Speaker, C Helder

"A simply stunning display of enthusiasm and energy that made a lasting change to our organisation. Blake's charisma, charm and empowered messages stayed with Alliance Constructions well after he had walked out the door".

Alliance Constructions, C Longstaff - General Manager

"Thank you Blake for the wonderful role you played at our conference this year. Your professionalism, spontaneity, and all round appreciation and understanding of the delegates was exceptional. I really appreciated the time and preparation you put into the "front end' which meant I was totally confident of your ability to ensure everyone had a good time. You are a "gold class' Master of Ceremonies, intelligent, creative, entertaining and thoroughly likeable!"

National Employment Services Australia, C Gregson - Conference Manager

"Blake's engaging energy, clarity of expression and disarming sincerity make him an excellent speaker. Positive feedback from the most unanticipated of listeners in our audience, distinguish him as a gifted communicator. Blake's creative facility with technology, his polished speaking and his exuberant but well-reasoned optimism make him a youthful presenter of choice for the twenty first century."

Catholic Education Diocese, Conference Organiser & Team Leader, M Hopkins

"Blake was one of our speakers in the HR Summit 09 in Singapore. His presentation is interesting and engaging. I enjoyed working with him and would recommend him for any other events."

Key Media International (Singapore), M Neo - General Manager

"Blake was exceptional. It was the best, most important seminar for a sales person or anyone who wants direction in life."

First National Real Estate, S Mandle - Manager

"The best training session for me to date ever (I have had heaps and heaps and heaps previously)."

Wesley Uniting Employment, K Baldwin - Manager

"It is always exciting and memorable to experience "the Beattie" phenomenon in the training and public speaking arenas. He keeps a captive audience on the edge of their seats with his amusing anecdotes and attention-grabbing subject matter."

Life Directions, T King - Director

"For 5 days I was very impressed as I watched Blake's presentation style, plus listened to his tailored and relevant words towards equipping and empowering his audience to think and act differently. I can clearly recommend Blake Beattie as a great public speaker because the seeds he sows during presentations bear much great fruit in the lives of his audiences."

Effective Communication Consulting, J Rayner - General Manager

"Blake is the next Anthony Robins, only funnier."

Program participant, T Marshall - Nowra

"Blake practises what he preaches. He exudes energy, enthusiasm and excitement - all eminently contagious throughout his session."

First National Real Estate, C Cane.

"Workshops were delivered with flare, variety and professionalism. Blake's confidence and ability to interact with staff was evident immediately which continued throughout the sessions. All staff agreed that the workshops facilitated by Blake have been some of the best they have attended."

Wesley United Employment, B Unsworth - Manager

"For the first day back, Blake's talk was excellent. It was very easy to stay focused and it was relevant to me both professionally and personally."

Miranda North Public School, J Jones

"Blake is a great motivational speaker and is able to captivate his audience."

First National, L Wessling

"Blake is a brilliant speaker and is a great guy to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending him to organisations that are serious about getting ahead."

Golden Carrot, Managing Director, D Weir

"Blake Beattie is a very positive hybrid of Tom Cruise and Rick Moranis. You have no option but to take on board what Blake teaches because he is so positive, respectful and larger than life. He just makes sense."

T Scott - Maroochydore

"We need more speakers with Blake's expertise, brightness and motivation. I thoroughly recommend Blake Beattie"

First National, J O'Donnell - Heritage Park

"Everyone should experience the "Blake" factor - awesome speaker who is both engaging and enigmatic."

T Kostas, Springwood (FN)

"Congratulations on your brilliant emceeing. The audience really enjoyed your great humour and wonderful time management - along with your pertinent content. You could make a terrific career purely as an emcee - yet you offer so much more."

National Speakers Association of Australia - National President, R Marks

"What can I say, but that you were a star performer on the day. It gave me a huge amount of confidence knowing that you were behind the mike to introduce, link and hold together our day. I've had so many comments about your work on the day and it's actually no surprise, as I knew you'd be a star. We threw a lot at you but you handled it with complete Blakeness and an air of confidence. I loved having you there and was inspired by the story about your brother and the way that you told it."

Blue Moon Creative - Director, Author and Speaker, G Bertwistle

"I thought you were the perfect MC - brilliant in fact! I truly hope our paths cross again, many times."

AH Revelations - Director, A Henry

"My wife and I attended one of Blake's personal development seminars and were greatly inspired by his insights, warmth and knowledge. A pioneer in his unique style of introspective learning. A life changing experience."

Hoffman Associates (California) - J Hoffman - Chief Attorney & Owner

"We have had the pleasant opportunity of attending all of Blake Beattie's seminars aboard the Sapphire Princess during our cruise to Australia and were so inspired by his expert knowledge and information regarding professional and personal growth and development. He has much of offer anyone who is looking for selfimprovement. We were impressed enough to have him put us on his mailing list for future seminars. He is a refreshing to listen to and his suggestions are definitely worthwhile trying."

J & V Aviation LLC (Florida) -J Mulling, Director

"Fantastic feedback on your presentation style, (it was) entertaining and funny the team really liked how you interacted with the group, used stories, pictures & music, and how you circulated the room. It was excellent - thanks!"

Accor Asia Pacific - D Simister, Human Resources Manager

"Blake's presentation inspired our teachers to take on new challenges in a positive light and re-define their belief systems. Thoroughly worthwhile and dynamic presentation."

A Mort - NSW Principal of the Year (2005), Department of Education and Training

"Your energy and enthusiasm as our MC helped set the stage for a successful event. We owe much of the success to you and your ability to "rev up' the crowd and to keep timing on track."

Community Aid Abroad - E Edmonds, Oxfam Trail walker Event Manager

"We have weekly seminars throughout the year...our members rated your presentation as one of the best this year. Congratulations!"

SWAP International - B Webster, Program Director

"Blake's presentation was extremely well received and enjoyed by all in our company. He is very dynamic, enthusiastic and well organized, and gets his message across very well. The audience was extremely interested and involved. We look forward to him presenting again to our company and would thoroughly recommend him to other companies and groups."

National Starch and Chemical - B Patten, Product Manager

"Having seen Blake speak at the St George Principals Conference, we booked up Blake straight away to present to our staff. His speech was truly inspirational and thought provoking."

Department of Education & Training - J Clifton, Principal

"Blake has been training our managers and salespeople for the past year. Blake's enthusiasm is infectious. He has achieved some outstanding results with our staff and managers."

Adairs - M Gore, NSW Regional Manager

"Blake Beattie is an enthusiastic, inspiring and talented presenter, who skilfully adapts his presentation to the needs and interests of the audience."

Australian College of Educators, H Causley - President.

"Blake has a unique ability to connect with all staff. My staff have never been so motivated and their performance has greatly improved as a result."

Prouds the Jewellers - D Cauldrey, Multiple Store manager

"The training and development programs designed for me by Blake have been an instrumental tool in the success of achieving my promotion. I have great confidence in recommending Blake as a trainer and mentor"

Downtown Duty Free - M Marzano, Customer Services Manager

"Your outstanding preparation and highly motivating presentation most certainly allowed us to achieve our goals for the day. The fact that you were able to develop and deliver your entertaining and professional presentation from a schools and teaching perspective was most impressive and most appropriate. Congratulations on a job well done!!"

M Sinclair - Principal, Department of Education and Training

"Blake is extremely easy to work with. The entire event was a huge success, which we couldn't have managed without Blake's experience and expertise."

Fitness First - B Green, National Events & Community Relations Manager