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A successful event starts and ends here!

The skills and talents of a Master of Ceremonies (MC) can make or break your conference or event. Blake is one of Australia"s leading MC"s who consistently delivers results for his valuable clients.

"Blake played a wonderful role at our conference this year. His professionalism, spontaneity, and all round appreciation and understanding of the delegates was exceptional. I really appreciated the time and preparation Blake put into the "front end" which meant I was totally confident of his ability to ensure everyone had a good time. Blake is a "gold class" Master of Ceremonies, intelligent, creative, entertaining and thoroughly likeable!" National Employment Services Australia, C Gregson - Conference Manager

Blake Beattie is one of Australia's leading Master of Ceremonies. He has all the skills and experience to make sure your event is a huge success. He is able to:

  • Facilitate Q & A sessions from key work representatives, speakers and/or celebrities.
  • Energise participants when energy levels are low
  • Add dynamic humour whilst keeping timing on track
  • Professionally introduce speakers and summarise key points
  • Co-ordinate game shows and other fun activities (such as the trivia nights and Jeopardy nights he ran in the USA)
  • Deliver mini or full keynote speeches as required
  • Utilise his strong business acumen (He is recognised as one of the next generation leaders of Australia)
  • Video, photograph, edit & present highlights to add a personal touch to the event
  • Provide radio quality voice-overs in a range of voices, accents and characters. Click here to hear Blake's incredible voice range.


Here is a list of just some of the people Blake has interviewed and worked with on stage:

Guy Leech (7 Time World Iron Man Champion), Larry Emdur (TV and Radio Personality), Trisha Broadbridge (Former Young Australian of the Year), Rob Duckworth (Radio Host), Rebecca Wilson (TV and Radio Personality), Richard Champion (Wallabies Rugby Player), Elton Flatley (Wallabies Rugby Player), Geoff Heugill (Olympic Champion Swimmer), Nicole Sanderson (Olympic Volleyball Player), Gordon Tallis (Australian Rugby League Player), Mark Conners (Wallabies International Rugby Player), Elka Graham (Olympic Swimmer), Jane Saville (Olympic Racewalker), Luke Ricketson (Australian Rugby League Player), Natalie Saville (Olympic Racewalker), Matt Cross (Panthers Rugby League Player), Shannon Hegarty (Rabbitohs League Player), Amos Roberts (Roosters Rugby League Player), Matt Orford (Roosters Rugby League Player), Vic Laruso (Television and Radio Reporter), Nathan Gray (NSW Waratahs Rugby), Adam Freier (NSW Waratahs Rugby), Luke Ricketson (Roosters Rugby League Player), Michael McCann (Gold Medal Australia Hockey Player), Brent Livermore (Gold Medal Australia Hockey Player), Toni Cronk (Female Hockeyroo Player), Samantha Reilly (Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer), Natalie Cook (Olympic Volleyball Player), etc...


"Blake has now presented all the Get Active Events across Australia for the past 5 years. He is an awesome Master of Ceremonies who is both professional and easy to work with. We look forward to working with Blake for many more years to come."

R Manning, Community Events Manager, Fitness First

"Blake's performance was exemplary. He is a great presenter."

I Deeble - NSW President, National Speakers Association of Australia (NSAA)

"Best opening by an emcee I have ever seen."

C Helder, Chris Helder Companies, Executive Director

"Congratulations on your brilliant emceeing. The audience really enjoyed your great humour and wonderful time management - along with your pertinent content. You could make a terrific career purely as an emcee - yet you offer so much more."

R Marks, NSAA National President.

"Blake is the most accomplished presenter I have ever seen."

T Conron - Community Work Co-ordinator, OCTEC

"What can I say, but that you were a star performer on the day. It gave me a huge amount of confidence knowing that you were behind the mike to introduce, link and hold together our day. I've had so many comments about your work on the day and it's actually no surprise, as I knew you'd be a star. We threw a lot at you but you handled it with complete Blakeness and an air of confidence. I loved having you there and was inspired by the story about your brother and the way that you told it."

G Bertwistle - Director, Author and Speaker, Blue Moon Creative

"Your energy and enthusiasm as our MC helped set the stage for a successful event. We owe much of the success to you and your ability to 'rev up' the crowd and to keep timing on track."

E. Edmonds - Oxfam Trail Walker Event Manager, Community Aid Abroad

"I thought you were the perfect MC - brilliant in fact! I truly hope our paths cross again, many times."

A Henry - Director, AH Revelations

"Blake Beattie just did an awesome job as MC at Achieve Results in 2010. We have received many compliments about his wit (especially his repertoire of accents), his likeable and approachable manner and his ability to keep the event moving in a timely fashion whilst maintaining high rapport with the audience. As both the organiser and a speaker at the event, it was truly a pleasure working with Blake - I highly recommend him as an MC."

Michelle Bowden, Director, Michelle Bowden Enterprises.

"I have been involved in nearly 2000 conferences, seminars, and workshops. I was so impressed with your hosting skills as well as your lead-ins for the speakers, which enabled them to open from such a high point. You connected with the audience and speakers alike, be it from the podium or from the floor, on camera or in interview mode, not only relaxing the speakers but helping lift them into their delivery. Thank you for your valuable contribution and I look forward to working with you again."

M Heath, Director Communique Australasia (Sydney, Auckland)

Why Choose Blake as your Master of Ceremonies?

Blake is so much more than a Master of Ceremonies. He is able to seamlessly link together your conference, whilst providing the right amount of education, entertainment and sustainable results.

Master of Ceremonies Tables
  • Proven, Sustainable Results - Blake Beattie has been the MC at some of Australia"s premier events including Community Aid Abroad"s Oxfam Trailwalker and Get Active Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne (6 years). Blake has also emceed The Day of Inspiration, Saxtons Speakers Showcase plus many other corporate conferences and events.
  • Dynamic Energy - Blake"s youthful exuberance ensures your conference is anything but dull. Attendees will stay energised, a crucial ingredient for enhanced learning.
  • Flexibility - Blake is highly adaptable in his approach ensuring you receive exactly what you need for your conference. He is able facilitate Q & A sessions with key work representatives, interview people on camera and on stage, provide full or mini keynote speeches and can run game shows such as Jeopardy and Trivia nights (which he has run in the USA.) He can also video, photograph, edit and present highlights to add a personal touch to the conference or event.
  • Timing - Blake knows the importance of good time management in the success of a conference or event. He ensures that runsheets run smoothly and in a timely fashion.
  • Voice Talent - Blake is known as the "man of many voices." He is able to seamlessly incorporate accents and characters to enhance messages and entertain conference attendees. (Click here to listen to Blake"s incredible voice range.) He is also a trained actor, presenter and comedian.
  • Professional & Easy to Work With - Event planners, managers, speakers, conference attendees and AV crew love working with Blake.
  • Strong business acumen - Blake was recognised as one of the next generation leaders of Australia, is a director of 2 organisations & is an expert at unlocking true potential through an empowered mind. He can skilfully draw off personal experiences to add depth, meaning and value to key messages throughout the conference or event.
  • Full Customisation - Blake takes the time to find out relevant information about the organisation, industry, and outcomes so attendees gain maximum value.
  • Pre and Post Event Planning - Blake is happy to assist in the planning stages ensuring the event is a huge success.
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