"Search your heart, open your mind, live the dream"
Blake Beattie

Introduction & Photo

Below are 3 introductions that can be used when introducing Blake to the stage as well as high-resolution photos which can be added to conference and event programs as required.


Our next speaker, Blake Beattie, is a consultant, business leader, author, writer, philanthropist, managing director, president, self-confessed jedi knight, sportsman, wizard and all-round top bloke. BHP, Apple and Qantas are just some of the organisations that Blake hopes to work with one day. He is an expert at motivating others and hopes that one day he will be able to motivate himself too. In all seriousness though, Blake says he is privileged to be talking with you all today. He is not big on introductions, but he is big on results. He genuinely loves his job and is passionate about making a difference in more ways than I can share with you right now. Please join with me to welcome to the stage, the Performance Engineer, Blake Beattie


It is with great pleasure that I introduce our next speaker. Blake Beattie is the director of Inspire Consulting, Vice Chairperson of the Life Changing Experiences foundation and is the founder of International Pay it Forward Day, which has inspired countless random acts of kindness in over 15 countries. He is recognised as one of the next generation leaders of Australia and has worked with leading organisations in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Blake is passionate about helping individuals and organisations improve performance and is excited about working with you today. Would you please put your hands together and welcome to the stage Mr Blake Beattie.


It is with great pleasure that I introduce our next speaker:

Blake is a leading authority on strategy execution and is recognised as one of the next generation leaders of Australia (by the QLD premier at parliament house). He has several years’ experience sitting on boards as the Vice Chairperson of the Life Changing Experiences Foundation and as the NSW president of National Speakers Association of Australia. He is also the founder of international Pay it Forward Day, which has inspired over 3 million acts of kindness in more than 70 countries with over 60 state and city proclamations. Blake’s first book “Bullseye” was published by the largest non-fiction publisher in the world; was named one of Business Review Weekly’s must read business books and was included as part of the Times Lifestyle Series in India.

He has also featured on radio and television including channel 7’s Sunrise program, channel 9’s The Today Show and channel 10’s David and Kim Show. Blah Blah Blah….Blake says that many of you at this point will be thinking ‘so what?’…. and fair enough too……. Blake understands that you don’t really care what he has done……What you do care about is what he can do to help you perform at a higher level.

Be ready to be inspired, entertained and challenged as Blake takes you on a journey towards greater effectiveness and fulfilment in the workplace. Please join with me and welcome to the stage the Performance Engineer: Mr Blake Beattie..........

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