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Focus on the Now & the Future  29.08.2006

Paul McNamee won 24 doubles titles in his career including Wimbledon, and has since achieved a great deal of success turning the Australian Open into a high profile world event turning over more than $100 million. He puts his success down to one simple phrase.

“One eye on the ball, one eye on the summit.”

In other words Paul believes too many people focus on the things they are doing now and lose focus on where they want to be heading. (The can’t see the forest for the trees analogy) These people might be good at doing things right, but are they doing the right things?

Alternatively, Paul believes many people spend too much time looking at the summit (where they want to go) and therefore find it difficult to concentrate on what they are doing now. Hence, they might be doing the right things, but may not be doing those things correctly or to the specifications needed. In this case, people are not able to properly ‘break down’ tasks sufficiently to complete smaller goals and other actions to make  the vision come to fruition.

The most successful people have a vision of where they want to get to and are able to concentrate on the smaller components that lead them towards the bigger goal.

  • Write down what you want to achieve and why you want it. There must be a strong enough reason otherwise it will be difficult for you to maintain momentum.
  • Write your goal down in positive terms. Make sure your goals are SMART or POWERTIP enabled
  • Focus on your goal every day without fail.
  • Break the goal into bite sized sub-goals to achieve each month and each week
  • Then follow through with action. As circumstances change, you may need to alter your goal. Continue to ensure your goal is stretching your capabilities.  
  • Make sure you don't make a habit of saying: 'll be happy when......' Enjoy the  jLearn from the past, enjoy the present, and get excited about the future.ourney as much as the destination.

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