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Sinking in Sameness How to Avoid Groundhog Day  29.06.2009

‘So What’s been happening? Not much really….. Same old stuff….Work, family…..you know, the usual.’


Getting into certain routines and patterns with the way you live your life can yield some great results…….for a while anyway. The danger lies in becoming bored, apathetic and tired because the element of surprise and spontaneity have been lost.


Remember the first date you had with that someone special……there might have been some nerves; you spent a lot of time working out what to wear; and you made a real effort to impress. Fast-forward 20 years: You go out to dinner – it’s the same place you usually go to; you wear the same clothes you usually do; and you can pretty much finish your partner’s sentence. It might be comfortable, but is it too cosy, constricting or claustrophobic?


Many people I believe ‘sink into sameness:’ Too much of the same thing can take away the zing and vibrancy from their lives. In the movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray woke up to the exact same day – Groundhog Day – repeatedly. He had become cynical, negative and bored with what his life had become and by strange twist of fate he had to face the same day over and over again. By trying out new ways to experience the same day, he eventually found the spark that had been missing from his life. He was able to step out of the ‘sameness’ quicksand that had been pulling him down and found new experiences, a better attitude and opportunities. He become juiced about life once again.


So now we come to you. Are you sinking in sameness? And if not, is it possible you will in the future?


Here are some important questions to ask yourself:


What things would you like to try? (Is there something you have always wanted to do?)

What new restaurants could you go to?

What new destination would you like to visit?

What sport or hobby would you like to try?

What new things would you like to learn?

What book have you always wanted to read?



A wise man once said ‘variety is the spice of life.’  I believe that each year you should have a list of new experiences you will try or learn and then schedule them in your diary. That way you are likely to keep your inner spark lit. Examples might include:


Yoga / Tai Chi / Meditation / Different types of massage / Writing a book / Knitting / Learn a language / Water Aerobics / How to Host a Murder Party / Archery / Tennis / Golf / Cycling / Hang Gliding / Ten-pin bowling / Parachuting / Hockey / Bungee Jumping / Rock climbing / Bushwalking / Astronomy / Cricket / Learn to paint / Write a book / Salsa Dancing / Water skiing / Snow skiing / Photography / Graphic Design / Acting / Singing / Texas Holdem Poker / Go Karting / Paint Ball / Table Tennis / Join a gym / Book club / Volunteer for a charity / Public Speaking  / Hot air ballooning / Rally car driving / Canyoning / Fishing / Taking a well earned break: Fiji / Inca Trail / Pyramids in Egypt / Travelling around Europe / Camping with friends / Northern Lights / Swimming with Dolphins / African Safari / China etc….:)


So here is your challenge should you choose to accept it:


What are two new things you are going to try or do this year?

When will you do them? (Put them in your diary)


Variety can bring with it excitement and excitement is contagious: It creates energy in other areas of your life as well as spreading to others around you.


So this year, instead of spending countless hours watching meaningless television and experiencing the equivalent of Groundhog Day, make a commitment to keep learning and growing as you experience new things.


Enjoy the journey!


‘Search your heart, open your mind, live the dream.’


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