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The New Social Media in Business How to Make it Work for You  29.06.2009

Twitter / Facebook / Linked In / Myspace / Blogger – Social networking is something that has taken off over the couple of years. Even Australian Prime Minister is posting online ‘tweets’ (messages) that are read by thousands of Australians in real time. So as busy business people, the question is: how do we best utilise social media to work for us?


Here is my quick take on it:


Be clear on your purpose – why are you spending your time on these sites? Is it to develop a professional, collaborative network? Is it to get new clients? Is it to learn from other experts? Or is it to stay in touch with friends, colleagues and clients? Or maybe it is a combination of reasons.


  • Provide ‘value’ to the people who follow you and read your blogs, tweets or postings.
  • If you haven’t got anything useful to say, don’t bother saying anything. We are already inundated with lots of useless information – we don’t need you adding to it!
  • Stand for something – have your own opinion, but be careful about keeping a good reputation around others who might be in a position to buy or sell your products or services in the future
  • Be clear on what a realistic Return on Investment (ROI) is for you – track how much time you allocate to these services – every minute counts – and every interruption does too! Interruptions (such as tweet noises coming through) take away your focus and attention from what you are doing, making it hard to work at full capacity.


I hope this helps. If you are not sure on how to use the above services – I would suggest typing it in the service you are looking to find out about in you tube and there will be a video there to show you how to use the service.


Have a twitterific day!

Cheers, Blake


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