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The Secret to Having an Abundant Mentality  28.04.2009

Every day we are reminded that we have limited time, limited money and limited energy - often causing what is referred to as the  ‘Scarcity Mindset.’  We are told that if we don’t spend our limited time, energy or money in worthwhile ways then great ‘opportunities’ are lost.

Is it really possible to have an abundance mentality when there seems to be scarcity all around us? And what is an ‘Abundance Mentality’ compared with a 'Scarcity Mindset' anyway and why is it important to have one?

Scarcity mentality is the frame of mind when someone believes he must hoard what he has and protect his limited resources. Stemming from this is the belief that people will take advantage of you, so you must look out for yourself. The classic example of someone with a scarcity mindset is ‘Scrooge.’ Scrooge was a classic hoarder who always focussed on what he could ‘get’ from others, never considering what he could give.

The two words ‘when’ and ‘then’ come up a lot with those with a Scarcity mindset: when I have paid off all my debts; when I get a higher paying job; when I marry someone rich; when I become financially secure…. and here comes the completion of that sentence: then I will give to charities, then I can help others out, then I will have more time.

The big problem of course with this type of thinking is that it often becomes a never-ending loop with the ‘then’ component getting put on the back burner. It might go something like this:

“When I pay off my car, I’ll then donate some money to charity.”


Time passes……


“Now that I’ve paid my car off, I might as well put more money into my home-loan, after all these are difficult financial times. When I have paid off my home-loan, then I will give to charity.”


And the endless loop involved in the Scarcity Mentality continues…..


An Abundance Mentality is a state of mind whereby you believe there is enough for everyone. No matter how much time, money and energy you have there are always opportunities to share with others and help them in some way. Mother Teresa was the classic example of someone with an absolute abundance mentality. She started with nothing, but gave everything she could to help the homeless and impoverished in the slums of Calcutta. Even when she was given a car, she sold it and put all the money back into helping others. Her work truly changed the world.


So why is it important to have an abundance mentality?

 It is amazing the difference this mentality can make. If you are able to help others even in a very small way, you will feel good about yourself. Your shoulders will invariably be just a little bit squarer, your head just a little bit higher.

You feel better about yourself and the flow on from this is that other people think more highly of you too.  As Richard Branson said in a recent interview: ‘Reputation is everything.’ Reputation is the thing that you carry around with you everywhere, like a stamp on your forehead that says ‘worthy’ or ‘unworthy.’

What amazes me is how many people have no clue as to what people ‘really think’ about them. They walk around with blinkers on failing to see that their ‘Scrooge scarcity mentality’ paints them in a very dim light. If you have an abundance mentality, then you become magnetised – people tend to be drawn towards you. Your reputation is enhanced and you tend to feel good about sharing and helping others around you.

You never know, down the track someone you helped out might end up being in a position to assist you when you need help.  The ripple effect knows no bounds.


So how do you get an Abundance Mentality?

 It can be quite a struggle to move away from scarcity thinking towards an abundance mentality. This is even more difficult if you have developed patterns that support the old way of thinking.

My advice is two fold: ‘Start small and be regular.’ Now I’m not talking about food for better digestion, but I am talking about regularly giving small portions of your time, money and energy without expectation of immediate or tangible returns. It involves shifting your thinking to ‘how can I help’ rather than ‘what do I get.’ It has the power to transform your life, improve your ‘reputation’ and help others all at the same time.

Enjoy the journey,


Blake Beattie

‘Search your heart, open your mind, live the dream.’


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