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Start your Engines Achieving extraordinary results in 2009  19.12.2008

Imagine getting to the end of 2009 and being able to honestly say that 2009 was your best year yet. What would need to happen for you to be able to say these words and actually mean it?


I asked a cross section of people this question and answers included:

·       Winning the lottery

·       The share market re-bounding

·       Getting a better job

·       Improved relationships

·       Losing 20 kilograms and getting super fit


Interestingly, an answer that I received more often than not was: “I don’t know – I can’t see how it could be my best year yet….things would really have to change dramatically.”


The reason why I find this answer interesting is the fact that many people can’t see 2009 as being a brilliant year and don’t really know what would make it brilliant anyway. Financial crisis; Others expect great things but don’t take action. New Years resolutions come and go and before we know it half the year has gone and we haven’t quite achieved the levels of success that we might have hoped for.


Everything worthwhile starts with a vision. And the way we can develop that vision is by asking ourselves some quality questions. So here are some questions that can help you on the path towards a sensational 2009. When answering these, make sure that you have considerable control over the outcome (eg. Winning the lottery for the record is outside your control)


What needs to happen during 2009 to make it a sensational year for you?

·       Do any relationships need to be improved? Perhaps you are looking for love, or looking to be more in love. Would you like to be more spiritual and/or help others in need in the community? Relationships and connection are a key determinant of happiness and fulfilment.

·       What does your finance and career situation look like? Money pressure and ‘dead-end jobs’ can negatively impact self-confidence and enthusiasm.

·       What will you learn during the year? Will you complete a course, read some books or developed yourself in other ways?

·       What fun things will you do? Will you go away on a nice holiday, or save to buy a boat?

·       How much energy do you want to have each day? What is your ideal fitness level? What do you want to weigh? What is your body fat percentage?

·       Are there any habits you would like to change this year?


Asking yourself great questions in all areas of life is a way to develop clarity on what is most important. Clarity creates power if it is followed by consistent action. So once you have compiled your list of answers, the next step is planning and prioritising your life around the outcomes you seek. If goals are not followed with an action plan, they are merely dreams that can easily be ‘put off’ for another time.


One lady I was speaking to recently said that 2008 was her best year yet. The reasons included: she left a destructive relationship which was dragging her self esteem down; lost 10 kilograms with help from her personal trainer; and was promoted to a manager position at work. To add to this, she now had a far better relationship with her children. It took great courage to make some important decisions, but the benefits that resulted were extraordinary. She is excited about what 2009 holds in store for her.


Late last year, whilst delivering talks in Wollongong, I was rushed to hospital with appendicitis. A nasty infection developed and the pain that I had was by far the worst that I had ever experienced. Lying in hospital hooked up to 3 different anti-biotics plus morphine for the pain, I realised that life is indeed a fragile thing. Just a few days earlier I had been very fit, healthy and energetic and then bam – things changed. It reinforced an important lesson to me: “Make each day count, because you don’t know what tomorrow may hold.” Life is full of ups and downs, but it is how we choose to respond that determines the quality of our life. Thankfully I am now back to full health and vitality.


So now we come to you. Are you excited about what lies ahead in 2009? What will you do different that will make you feel greater levels of happiness and fulfilment?


I wish you well on your journey and may 2009 be your best year yet!

Enjoy the journey.



Blake Beattie

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