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The Truth about Being Too Busy  18.06.2008

The truth about ‘being too busy’

  • Johnny never got to spend time with his dad – he was always too busy.
  • Maria became a partner for an Investment Bank – she did not have time to exercise and bought fast food for most of her meals. It is no wonder that she began to gain considerable weight.
  • Kyle was too busy to take holidays from work – unfortunately he was forced to when he had a nervous breakdown


All these situations could have been avoided.


Patient: “I’m too busy to exercise at the moment - I don’t have time.”

Doctor: “What fits in to your busy schedule better: Exercising one hour a day or being dead 24 hours a day.”


Its amazing how we convince ourselves that we are just ‘too busy’ or that we ‘don’t have enough time.’ The truth of the matter is quite the contrary.


  • The statement “I’m too busy” really means “I’m too busy with other things that are a higher priority at the moment.”
  • The statement “I don’t have time” really means “I do have time, but I choose not to spend it on other things.”


Do you know of anyone that uses either of these two phrases on occasion? You might even know someone that uses these phrases quite frequently. So what if we do make these excuses? After all, everyone seems to do it.


There are a large number of potential ramifications of using either of these time excuses in our lives.


-       We tend to get caught up on tasks we believe are urgent but low on our value list and neglect those which are most important

-       We buy into our own excuses believing that we are actually too busy and that we don’t really have a choice

-       We neglect key balance areas to our overall health, happiness and life enjoyment


So what can be done about it?


Most importantly – stop saying these words to people and don’t allow yourself to think them either. It is what I refer to as a ‘talk and thought time virus’ that takes away the most powerful attribute we possess  - the power to choose. 


The next time you find yourself about to say that you are just too busy to do something - ask yourself - is this the real truth? Choose to spend time on what matters most in all areas of life, and true fulfilment can 


Enjoy the journey,

Blake Beattie


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