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Focus = Power = Results (But are they the results you want?)  08.04.2008

 We are bombarded with information. Whether it be emails, newsletters, phone calls, snail mail, signs, distractions, friends, family, books, magazines or television - we constantly must filter information to stay sane. We ignore a huge proportion of the information that comes our way, instead focusing on what is relevant and interesting to us considering our current circumstances. The choice of what you allow into your awareness and what you choose to ignore is crucial in success at work and in life. Did you know:

  • Eskimo hunters are always aware of the speed and direction of the wind.
  • Stock brokers notice all the tiny changes in the market
  • Traditional Melanese sailors could be taken to any point in the ocean within 700km of where they lived and recognise the spot by the feeling of currents on their bodies.

How do they do this, I hear you ask? It has to do with what they chose to pay attention to. So, two big questions need to be asked: what do you pay attention to each day and what information do you miss when you focus on other interferences and distractions? Are you even aware that you are missing out on something?

The danger lies in our habitual way of filtering information. Let's see how this works:

  • Jerry pays close attention to his finances and his career. He didn't see that his relationship with his wife was steadily decaying and that his health was suffering from the long work hours.
  • Sheila is beautiful and she knows it. She consistently dates guys based more on looks than personality and wonders why she has such bad luck in relationships.
  • Mike feels a great deal of stress. He finds it hard to say no to people, especially his boss. He also finds it difficult to sleep most nights because he can't stop worrying.

With each one of these examples, you can see that focusing on certain life areas to extremes can cause problems. A balanced approach is needed for life success. By staying true to what you value most in life and by keeping focused on your key life areas, then you will be well on the road towards true fulfilment. There are two important considerations though:

  1. If you focus on too many things at once, your power is diminished.
  2. If you focus on just one or two life areas, other life areas will break down adversely affecting your life.

 In an organisation, if everyone is focused on achieving a common goal, then the chances of achieving it are strong. It amazes me how many employers don't really know what the core objectives are and how they fit in with the strategy. In fact, many employees do not really care. The right focus is needed for organisational success as well as individual fulfilment.

Focus equals power. However, that power is only good if it is taking you in directions that you want to go. Today, think about what you are paying too much attention to and how you might shift your attention to gain greater results.

Enjoy the journey.

"Search your heart, open your mind, live the dream."

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