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Making Relationships Work over Time  04.03.2008

A Green Thumb for the Heart

Imagine a beautiful garden that you loved and tended daily. You know every flower and every tree, how they love the warmth of the sun and how wonderfully they blossom in the summer. But every so often, there are distractions and you leave it to grow wild assuming it will be just as splendid on your return.

Relationships, romantic or otherwise, are just like gardens. They are beautiful and worth the consistent work and attention. It is essential to feed them so they thrive. It is necessary to weed out problems regularly. You must also make sure that there is a rich foundation of healthy soil for them to flourish. Learn all about what works and what doesn’t, so that the health of each of your relationships is maintained.

Remember, untended flowers die. The same principle applies to relationships. If you don’t spend the time to nurture them, they will grow tired and weak, or worse still, wild and unmanageable. The great thing about a caring relationship is that a little work (ie giving a timely complement, going on holiday, saying “I love you” or having a surprise date night once a month) can go a long way.

With too much rain, the roots become waterlogged. With too much sun, the flowers burn and wither. With too much wind, the stems snap. To keep any relationship strong, it is crucial to work on it regularly, and never be neglectful. It takes a little bit of work every day, but years of blossom will be your reward.

Enjoy the journey
"Search your heart, open your mind, live the dream."
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