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If There is No Need, You Must Create One  01.02.2008

Recently, I went to a Happiness Expo on the Gold Coast. My intention was simple: go, learn, enjoy but DON’T buy anything! However, I walked out of the convention centre with a hand-held portable massager valued at $350.00 which up until then I had absolutely no need for! Hmmm…what went wrong? What made me change my game plan and buy the most expensive massager I had ever heard of? The answer is simple: Sales Wizardry was at work!
Sales Wizards know that people will not buy unless they have a need. They also know that the potential buyer may not yet be ‘aware’ that they ‘need’ the good or service you have to offer. Therefore, YOU must create the need.
So, here I was being shown how this massager worked – such a chore as you can imagine! The stall representative was friendly yet professional. He took time to demonstrate the different attachments and functions of the machine, while explaining how it alleviated various aches and pains without causing harm. He seemed to have a logical straight-forward answer for every question I had, displaying a clear understanding of both the instrument’s functionality as well as the varying concerns, queries and maladies that a potential buyer may have. He definitely knew his product!
By the end of the twenty minute demonstration, he had created a real sense of value as well as a real need for the product by posing appropriate well-phrased questions at opportune moments:
  • Do you enjoy massages? YES
  • Do you ever need massages after a long day at work? YES
  • Do you ever get aches and pains from training at the gym? YES
  • Do you ever find you haven’t the time for a massage? YES
  • Do you ever find that some masseurs are too heavy or too soft? YES
(NOTE: Building up a series of ‘yes’ responses is part of the ascending close – a powerful tool in a Sales Wizard’s armoury).
By the end of the demonstration, he had clearly convinced me that I needed this product! And the Wizardry of his salesmanship was his ability to make the investment seem insignificant to the long-term value I would gain from the purchase. After all, it was tax-deductible, convenient, portable, time-efficient and paid for itself (being the financial equivalent of 5 hour-long massages)!

Enjoy the journey

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Cheers, Blake Beattie

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