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What's your Motive?  20.12.2007

What drives us? What motivates us each day to do certain things? Is it money? Perhaps friends and family? Accomplishment? Well, if I said ‘fame’, what would you say? A recent study showed that more teenagers, if given a choice, would prefer to be famous than smart. Sadly, this is no new concept as pop-culture icon Andy Warhol made a similar observation a few decades ago. He believed that everyone wants their “fifteen minutes of fame”. Well, we are all hungry for attention at least some of the time, but there is good attention and there is bad attention. Could we be chasing achievement for the wrong reasons?

Oprah once said “In the end, all you have is your reputation”. If you spoil it, it can take years to mend. Take for instance: Alan Bond, a once impressive Australian business man. He bought Kerry Packer’s television station (channel 9) from him for a cool one billion dollars, after which Kerry was quoted as saying: “You only get one Alan Bond in your lifetime”. Alan bankrolled the Australian yachting team that eventually won the America’s Cup, a prestigious race that the United States had dominated for over 130 years! He was awarded “Australian of the Year” in 1978 and later constructed a private university in his own name! Despite such an glorious history, people remember him now for claiming bankruptcy and spending 3 years in jail after initiating the nation’s largest corporate fraud of $1.2 billion. His reputation became forever damaged.

With camera phones, U-Tube and reality television available to the masses these days, it is so easy to find an audience. But the important thing is to be striving for goals for the right reasons.

So, when you set your goals, be clear about why you are chasing them:

  • Will the intended outcome be good for you long term?
  • Is the outcome you are seeking in line with your deepest, inner-most values?
  • Will you be proud of your achievement? 

There are so many valuable achievements to be made in your lifetime. So, make sure your motives are worthwhile at the start. Enjoy the journey,

"Search your heart, open your mind, live the dream." BB

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