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The Magic Mindset  13.11.2007


Caruso, the famous opera singer, was told by a music teacher that he couldn’t sing and that he had no voice at all. Imagine if he had decided not to sing.


F. W. Woolworth, founder of Woolworths, was told at the age of 21 that he could not wait on customers because ‘he didn’t have enough sense.’ Albert Einstein could not read until he was 7 years of age – his parents and teachers worried about his mental capacity. What if they set their goals in line with the low expectations that others had?

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for having no ‘good ideas'.The world became a better place because of his creativity and persistence.

The great sculptor Rodin had great difficulty reading and writing as a child. His father said that he had ‘an idiot for a son'. It would have been a terrible shame if Rodin had believed his father.

It is amazing just how powerful an effect people’s words can have on us. To realise our true potential, we must be very careful as to what we allow ourselves to think and believe. Other people’s words can infect our minds like a virus. 

To be, to do or to have anything we want in life, we must practice what I call ‘mind filtering.’ In other words, we must take control of the information we receive and avoid taking on too much negative feedback. Like a filter, it is beneficial to allow constructive, useful and empowering information into our minds whilst discarding that which makes us weaker (mentally and physically.)

To succeed, it is important to do the following:

  • Block negative, disempowering words with your mind. By focusing on an ‘empowering meaning’, you can shield away the potential thought virus.

  • Spend less time with negative people who lack belief in you and you can develop a 'magic mindset.' This mindset is one full of hope, possibility and belief in your own ability. Even with improved ‘mind filtering’, negative words can still seep into your subconscious mind limiting your true performance. The lyrics of a popular 60’s song my parents used to play said: ‘You keep on knocking but you can’t come in’ – this might be true for the song, but it does not hold true with our minds. Even the walls of a strong, positive mind can be cracked by the sheer weight of external negative words. 

  • Spend time with those who encourage and support your goals and dreams, rather than those who are critical of them. 

  • By better controlling the information you allow to penetrate your mind, you can gain strength of character. That strength increases your resilience against life’s obstacles, problems and challenges enabling you to have more of what you want in life. 

Enjoy the journey.


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