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Time Saving with Colour  02.10.2007

Have you ever read over your notes trying to find something, only to have it camouflaged in a myriad of words and text that all looks the same?

Have you ever tried to find a file quickly, but noticed that many of the files look similar, and the one you need just doesn’t stand out?

My advice is: use colour wisely! If a picture says a thousand words, then colours certainly say plenty - if they are used correctly. Many studies prove that colour can save us a great deal of time and effort.

  • The use of colour can improve recall by 55%
  • Colour can increases motivation by as much as 80%
  • Using colour can save up to 70% time when reading

Look to use colour more in your workspace. For example, you might you use blue folders for all your client files, white for all your financial obligations and green for marketing. If you only have folders in one colour, use stickers to code them. It will most certainly save you time in the future.

And, I recommend using colour if you need to write notes and recall information. Research suggests 40% of people are highly visual people and learn best by seeing images, pictures and colours.

Did You Know: The most powerful colour combination for learning information is strong yellow writing on a black background.

Add colour wisely and you will save the most valuable resource you have – your time.

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