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The Closing Mantra of Sales Wizards  05.09.2007

Closing the sale is getting a commitment to buy your product or service today. Average sales people are not good closers. To become a Sales Wizard, you must be good at closing the sale.

“But if they want the product or service, they will ask for it?!”

Noooooo. This is the mantra of average sales people. They won’t always ask for it – they need you to sell them the reasons why they should buy it today. The truth is: many customers are indecisive and therefore find it difficult to make a decision. Relying on the customer to make a decision if and when they feel comfortable is not good selling. This is not to say that customers shouldn’t feel comfortable in making their ‘own decision’ – quite the contrary. It is your job to find out exactly what is going to meet their needs and then use appropriate closing strategies to seal the deal and make the sale.

So what is the Sales Wizards mantra for closing the sale?

“I am going to meet the customer’s needs and gain his or her commitment to buy my product or service today.”

And the way you do that is through stacking, trial closes and other closing strategies that will be discussed in future articles.

A great task to do in the meantime within your organisation is to look at your closing ratio. In other words, how many sales are you making divided by the number of prospects you serve each day. Find out how many potential sales you convert into actual sales (conversion ratio). After you have discovered this, decide on one thing that you can do to convert more consumers (prospects) into customers (buyers).

Happy Selling!

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