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Customer for Life  02.07.2007

The expression “the customer is king” has been around for many years. While an average sales person is aware of the need to smile, be courteous and satisfy the wants of the customer, the focus tends to be more on achieving the sale with the customer’s actual needs being secondary.



This is not what sales wizards are all about. It doesn’t matter if the salesperson is selling life insurance, life coaching, televisions, real estate or anything else – sales wizards act on a creed – “Customer for Life.” The value of a customer is never underestimated. The Rotary creed is also one which can help Sales Wizards maintain integrity and keep the customer returning to do business with you. Here is the Rotary Creed:



Is it the TRUTH?


Is it FAIR to all concerned?




Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?



A sales wizard applies all these principles when dealing with customers. They under-promise and over-deliver….Never the other way around.



What can you do today to ensure your customers like you and love to do business with you?



Happy sales!



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