"You are only limited in what you can do By the limitations of your own mind"
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The A to F of Achieving Anything and Everything  04.06.2007


Fraulein Maria (from the Sound of Music) was definitely right. When you learn to read, you start with ABC – a very good place to start! But when achieving (on a small, medium or large scale), there are a few more steps required: in fact, 6 steps.

We all have dreams and goals of what we want to be and do in our lives. But how many of us really achieve them? And how many of us even attempt them?

Some people are financially impoverished, emotionally battered or physically disabled and yet still manage to achieve amazing feats in their lifetimes – people like Stephen Hawking, W Mitchell or Oprah Winfrey. However, the majority of us are blessed to be physically healthy and bright human beings. Thus, we have so much potential to do and achieve everything we want to - each and every one of us. By nurturing our talents, values and self-belief, we are capable of almost anything.

Achievement in any realm of your life starts with six simple steps. Nurture these 6 elements and apply them to every facet of your life and you will achieve everything you set out to:


There is no denying that to even compete in certain areas of life, one must have ability. Of course, the more you work on and practice that ability, the better you will become. Of course, things rarely come out perfectly first time around, so don't worry. Develop your ability and remember that practice will make perfect.

Belief in yourself

When you have a goal or a dream, if you really want it to come to fruition, you must nurture the belief that it will happen, that you can do it and that you are worthy of achieving this. So often, it is not one’s ability or talent that lets a person down but their lack of self-belief that trips them up right at the finish. Develop self-belief and self-worth so that you don’t stay planted at the starting line. You will also find that by nurturing self-belief, it will have a flow-on effect in all other areas of your life.

Commitment to the task

It is no good having ability and self-belief if you don’t have the interest or the commitment to make the dream a reality. Quite simply, if you don’t value a goal, then you will find it hard to commit to. So, it is imperative to nurture a sense of commitment to a task. Call it passion, call it drive, call it whatever works for you but understand that this element is crucial to success in any field of life - marriage, business, friendship, sporting contests – it is crucial.


Whenever you set your mind to achieving something, you have already made the first and the most important decision. However, there are many more to be made before you can hope to reach the end result. The “What, Why, When, How and Who” questions arise and you must be ready to make decisions in regard to:

What is your goal?
Why this goal (what strong reason do you have for achieving it? – it needs to be strong enough to withstand any setbacks or drops in motivation);
When will you complete it (what timeframe or deadline do you have?);
How will you achieve it (what steps will you take to accomplish it?);
Who can help you to achieve it (what contacts do you need to achieve it?);

Keep in mind that decision-making is like a muscle. The more you use that muscle, the stronger it will be. The best business people in the world have developed an ability to make fast, calculated decisions about their goals. Yes, ‘slow and steady may win the race’ but ‘the early bird still catches the worm’. Don’t dither about making decisions. Be smart but be swift.

Effort, Energy and Action

You must take action. Energy and effort towards your goal are essential. Without energy and effort, nothing is likely to be achieved. “If nothing changes, nothing changes” – Justin Herald.


People run out of steam trying to achieve certain things and this is often because there was never enough interest, enjoyment or love in the project to sustain the effort. Have fun at whatever it is you are doing and sustained motivation will be much easier to maintain.

With these 6 simple steps, anything is possible. Enjoy the journey.

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