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The Very Best Phone Time Saving Tips  30.04.2007

Are we really better off with mobile phones than without? By having a mobile phone, do we save time or do we actually waste more of our most valuable resource?

In today’s society, I think the answer is yes to all of the above. For myself, a mobile phone has made it much more enjoyable travelling away from home, knowing that I can contact my family and friends ‘on the go’. We can save time by using a mobile phone in the right way, but we can also waste a great deal of time from its improper use as well. We are more contactable than ever before and this sometimes can drain our time away from what is most important – eg. Taking a business call at 7:30pm interrupts a family dinner.

We all can save time if we use our mobile phones, land line phones and web phones more productively. Here are a couple of tips to get you saving time straight away:  

  • Set boundaries around the times you will accept work-related calls and keep to it.
  • Save all important phone numbers into your phone so you can quickly contact people at the push of a button.
  • Be clear on the purpose of each call you make. Call people when driving as long as you are on ‘hands-free’, of course.
  • When leaving a message, let them know of a good time to call you back - a time that is convenient for you.
  • Don’t take the time to talk to telemarketers: just simply say "Now is not a convenient time to talk". If they ask when they can call back, simply give them a specific time that suits you, or say you are not interested and wish them luck on future calls.
  • It is worth paying the extra money for a speaker phone, so you can be productive whilst you are on hold.
  • Set up speed dial functions on your phone (if possible) to call people quickly without scrolling through number every time. It may take time to set up, but you will save loads of time in the future.

If you only save 5 minutes of quality time on average each day by using your phone in a more time-efficient manner, then you will have saved over 30 hours over the space of a year.




Good luck,

Blake Beattie


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