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The biggest time saving device ever?  27.03.2007

Have you ever had a computer freeze on you and you lost a great deal of work that wasn’t saved? Has your computer ever got a virus that wiped key information from your system? How much time and energy did you waste? If you lost all the work on your computer right now, what would it cost you?

Computers have certainly taken over as the major holder of information and ideas for most of us. With larger hard drives and portable mass storage devices that are getting cheaper all the time, it seems we have more opportunity to store just about everything on our computers including photos, videos, emails, documents, and other information. With so many of us relying on a computer to keep such important information, it surprises me how few people backup their important files regularly. And even those who do back up often fail to backup some crucial data which may not be retrievable with a system crash.

A friend of mine was completing a PHD recently when his computer was stolen from his car. Thankfully, he had backed up all his information on an external hard drive. There was one problem though - the hard drive was also in the car, and it too was stolen. Hundreds of hours of work were lost in the matter of seconds. The lesson being: Not only do you need to back up your data regularly, but leave your back up in a seperate place to your original files. For example, you might leave the back up at a friend's place.

Remember, your time is your most valuable resource. Back up your files properly, and may you never need to waste your valuable time on re-doing work that has already been completed. Good luck.

Cheers, Blake Beattie


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