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Choosing Long Term Value over Short Term Sales  30.01.2007

Average sales people make one very common mistake. They want to make the sale so badly that they lose focus on the most important thing.

Getting the sale is not the most important thing!!!!

The most important thing in selling is meeting a customer's needs and exceeding their expectations. Average sales people are concerned with getting the customer to buy now with little thought given to them coming back and buying again. Plus, they don’t understand the power of a customer's personal marketing potential.

The best form of advertising as we all know is ‘word of mouth.’ Loyal customers are what make sales people super-successful. Loyal customers get their friends to buy from you as well, creating an exponential customer base built on high level service, integrity and value.

For you to continue your Sales Wizard growth, you must get out of the ‘must sell now regardless’ mentality.

"Choose long-term value over short-term sales."

To succeed in business and have solid sales growth, you must meet customer needs and care about offering the right solution for each customer. You must build rapport and provide the customer with a brilliant value proposition. After every sale, ask yourself 3 questions:

  • Were they satisfied and happy with what they bought?
  • If you were in their shoes, would you come back?
  • If you were in their shoes, would you tell others about the service, value or product / service?

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