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Building A Strong Foundation in Business and in Life  30.01.2007

If you are building a house you must have a strong foundation. You need to make sure that the house has a firm base on which to lay down your bricks and mortar. If you don’t lay a solid foundation, then it can easily topple over during highly stressful periods of high wind and storms.

The same applies in business. With each client, you must (and I mean must) establish a solid foundation by building high levels of trust and rapport. If you provide a solid foundation and maintain that connection, then it is far less likely that the client will take their business elsewhere.

If you were your customers, would you want to keep doing business with you? (If it helps, write down the ones that would and those who could go either way). And then ask the question: Why or why not? There are things that you are doing or not doing that help build and maintain a solid foundation.

The principle of ‘strong foundations’ also applies in other parts of life. Any relationship that is built on trust and integrity is better able to withstand stressful periods. If others like you, trust your words and trust your intentions, then you are well on the way to succeeding in business and in life.

So how strong is ‘the foundation’ upon which your relationships are built?

Remember, it is never too late to build or extend on the foundations within your personal or business relationships. Good luck.

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