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Ounces of Discipline  10.12.2006

A great American speaker Mr Jim Rohn made a very profound statement:
“Ounces of Discipline or Tonnes of regret.”

Jim’s view is that life is a sum of all the choices we make. In this simple, yet powerful quote, he alludes to the kind of choices we must make every single day. We must choose between two pains: the pain of maintaining a discipline or the pain of regret. Let me give you an example:

To get up one hour earlier to do some exercise is a discipline that some people embrace. To begin with, committing to getting up at such an ‘ungodly’ hour is very difficult. The internal chatterbox (your thoughts) will tell you to forget the pain of getting up and instead get some more sleep. Of course, if you don’t make the time to exercise, then at some stage the chances are you will suffer the pain of regret for not doing so, particularly as certain inactivity disorders affect your health and vitality including: obesity; osteoporosis; weak lung capacity; cancer etc.
Here are some more examples of the decisions we face (In a work environment) regarding the pain of discipline now, or regret later.

  • To keep a filing system up to date, or face dire consequences later
  • To prospect consistently, or face likely downturns in sales
  • To backup computer files regularly, or risk losing work and waste your most valuable resource: time.
  • To establish and maintain rapport with all clients, or risk losing them to someone who will do just that.
  • Regularly save a certain amount of money to put a deposit on a house, or for that dream holiday you have always wanted to go on.
  • To complete extra training to help you get the job you desire, or remain frustrated in a position which doesn’t utilise your true potential.

Every day you have the decision as to which of the two pains you choose. And you can probably guess which pain most people go for. Most people will take the pain of regret over the pain of discipline. Why? Because most people would rather have the pleasure now and worry about the consequences later. The most successful people I know have regular daily disciplines that they might not enjoy, but have a deeper understanding that it will help them get to where they want to be.

So what is one discipline you are going to form that is going to improve the quality of your life? Make a decision right now to commit to it! Good luck

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