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Love your Work  10.12.2006

The value we place on our Work is very personal.  Not everyone can say that they love their job. Very few can really say they are passionate about their work. And there are too many out there who really do not like their work. As work takes up such a huge slice of our week [40 hours = close to 36% of weekly awake time], it is in our best interests to at least like the job.  An hour talking to a good friend on the phone passes very quickly whereas an hour in the dentist’s chair seems like forever. Remember, if you work for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year for 40 years you will have amassed 76,800 hours of work. Ask yourself which category you fit into:

  • Passionate about your Job  -  Be grateful!  Help others to become passionate too.
  • Love your Job  -  Look for extra challenges so that you can become passionate about it.
  • Like your Job  -  As above or look for new areas to work in. ASk yourself what you can do to further enhance your job satisfaction in the future.
  • Hate your Job  -  You really have to spend time analyzing your situation. You may need to just find similar work at another company if the ‘hate it’ factor is the boss or other staff. Perhaps you could ask to: move to a different section; take on further study to improve your position. You may be lucky enough to have a Human Resources manager with some empathy!  You may be in an area which just doesn’t suit your personality, your skills, your intelligence……you may need to talk to a vocational guidance specialist. 

I personally know of a man who studied law because that was the family tradition.  He found that he did not like law so turned around and studied medicine which he loved.  I also know of a doctor who after 30 years of surgery is now studying law!  It is never too late to take on something new.

Regardless of what job you might have, you can always find ways to make it more enjoyable - you just might need to be a bit creative. For a start you must limit negative thoughts echoing through your mind. These might include: 'I am over this job', 'I hate Mondays', 'I can't wait for this day to be over.' Secondly, ask empowering questions to gain more job satisfaction. Sample questions might include: What can I learn from this? How can I enjoy this process more? How can I be more productive and get better results? How can I move into other work areas I am more passionate about?

Remember, if you work for too long in a job you hate it will impact on the other parts of your life in an adverse way. For a healthy Life Balance it is crucial to gain some form of satisfaction from your work.

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