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The Power of Focus  31.10.2006

What we focus on is crucial to the outcome we can expect. I was best man at a wedding recently, and it was a real toss up as to who was more nervous: the best man or the minister. And the minister was saying things such as ‘I know I’m going to stuff up Kristy’s name.” So you can imagine what happened in the actual wedding ceremony. There were two readings that were given: one by Kristy, the other by Sally. As luck would have it, Kristy was introduced as Kirsty and Sally was referred to as Stella by the minister. Why? The minister had affirmed in his own mind the mistakes he was about to make and true to form he did just that. That is why ‘focus’ is so important.

John Eales was preparing for a shot at goal to potentially win the game for Australia against New Zealand in the Bledisloe Cup. The crowd was extremely loud and it seemed the whole world was watching the gripping finish to what had been an amazing game of rugby. So what does John focus on? Definitely not the crowd; not the fact the game was riding on this kick; not the fact that he was not the usual goal kicker; not the fact that it was a difficult conversion; not that everyone would be so disappointed if he missed. His focus was on one thing: Kicking the ball right between the uprights. He was 100% clear on what he had to do and he did just that!

You might not be kicking pressure goals in a international rugby game, but you can make sure your focus is positive towards what you want rather than on what you wish to avoid. Too many people focus on what they don’t want in life rather than on what they do want. Remember the more focused your energy, the greater the results you will obtain. One 100 Watt light globe can light up a room. The same amount of power in a laser beam can cut through steel.

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