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The Key to Sustainable Change  31.10.2006

Merryn was a keen gardener and once a week she would use a pair of secateurs to cut the weeds away from her flower gardens. No matter how much she trimmed them they would be back again the following week. Merryn’s next door neighbour Betty on the other hand seemed to hardly spend any time at all working on her garden, which was immaculate. The difference: Betty did not just clip the tops of the weeds when they came to the surface as Merryn did. She would pull the weeds out instead by the roots, stopping them from coming back all together.

Do you treat the symptoms of your problems (effect), or do you try to discover the root source (cause)? If you do not discover the root source, the problems will keep surfacing over and over again, just like weeds in the garden. The moral of the story:

By treating the effects; results are temporary. By treating the cause; results are permanent.’ Blake Beattie

It amazes me how many organisations try to fix problems and manage cultural change by only treating the effects of the organisational problems. They will spend money on a once off training session or presentation expecting that to be the definitive answer. It is no wonder that more than 50% of all cultural change efforts fail. What a waste of time and money!

The key to sustainable change is to treat the cause and not just the effect of problems that are faced. Unless you know what the cause of the problem is, then any attempt to fix the problem will be treating the effect only. You remain in the dark. For effective sustainable change you must be willing to find out the real cause behind the problems. Ultimately you need to turn the floodlights on to all the issues, so then you may work towards fixing them.

The work that I do with organisations as a speaker, trainer and consultant is based entirely on treating the cause of organisational issues. I don't offer quick fixes. I offer sustainable positive solutions to get your organisation firing on all cylinders.  

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