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Blake Beattie
Blake Beattie Balance Transformation

How to build better balance for a happier, more effective workforce

Talented, in-demand employees increasingly want to work in organisations that encompass strong work/life balance values. The price of losing a high performer can cost an organisation hundreds of thousands of dollars. For a happier, more productive workforce, it is vitally important that employees balance all areas of their lives. Whether it be health, relationships, financial, career, spiritual or personal growth, one thing is certain: if one life area is out of balance, then it affects the vitality and energy across all other areas. Balance Transformation attendees will be provided with practical tools to assess and improve all areas of their lives based on individual values. It will increase your staff productivity, reduce stress levels and improve performance.

"Life is very much a balancing act. The trouble is there are not many trapeze artists among us"

Blake Beattie

How your employees will benefit from this session

1. The Lifecentric™ Wheel & the Business Balance Model

  • Assemble your own individual Lifecentric™ Value Wheel to uncover the "Balance Gap" that limits sustained performance
  • Discover the "Time versus Value" principle & how to best manage it
  • Find out the 5 telltale signs that indicate your life is out of balance and what to do about it
  • Uncover the top 7 simple, effective ways to gain better business and personal balance in a time-poor world
  • Reframe your current business balance model to incorporate the next generation Business Balance Paradigm

2. Mind & Body Balance

  • Learn how to gain emotional balance despite things going wrong both in the workplace and at home
  • Learn the 3 keys to beat the stress mess & improve productivity
  • Uncover the secrets to having sustained, high energy levels
  • Unearth the 3 characteristics of a highly resilient person

3. Relationship Balance

  • Discover 3 powerful ways to create better balance in relationships
  • Learn the importance of the first 4 "connection" minutes
  • Find out the 6 connecting and disconnecting relationship habits

4. Fun and Recreation Balance

  • Understand how to re-invigorate the senses by shifting out of balance to create better balance
  • Learn the hobby / recreation plan to gain more positive "flow moments"
  • Discover how to avoid "sinking in sameness" and the negative affects it brings with it

5. Work and Financial Balance

  • How to add passion, purpose and fun at work
  • Discover the Financial Balance Plan (FBP) that balances current needs with future wants

"Workshops were delivered with flare, variety and professionalism. Blake's confidence and ability to interact with staff was evident immediately which continued throughout the sessions. All staff agreed that the workshops facilitated by Blake have been some of the best they have attended."

Wesley United Employment, B Unsworth - Manager
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